The Haunted Trails Haunted Attraction


Come see what we have in store for you!

A Thrilling Outdoor Adventure Awaits...

There is no better time to come face to face with your nightmares than this Halloween season at the Haunted Trails...

When night falls and the monsters of these woods begin to howl, you'll enter a realm of terror you could not have imagined. Acres of mortifying scenes and unnatural creatures await eagerly to quench their undying thirst for your screams. What lurks among these trees? What sinister beings have you in their sights? 

Come, DARE to walk among these Haunted Trails of Houston for THE most THRILLING outdoor adventure - of your LIFE!

2 Attractions 1 Location

2 Attractions 1 Location
A thrilling backwoods adventure! A wicked psychodelic forest of freaks!